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Campaign start & end date
Campaign start & end date

How to delay the start of your campaign and set the end date of your campaign

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You can schedule your campaigns by using the Start date and End date options in your Schedule tab.

If you set a Start date, the campaign won’t start until the ‘start date’. By default, if there's no start date specified, the campaign will start upon hitting Launch.

By setting the End date, the campaign will get marked as completed when the end date is reached - even if it has leads left in the campaign.

By default, if the end date is not specified, it’s set to end only if the campaign is done contacting all leads (through all the steps).

How to set the start and end dates:

  1. In the Schedule tab, click on Now in the Start date section:

2. Select the date you want your campaign to start and click Apply:

3. Click on the "No end date" to set the End date. Choose the date and click Apply.

4. Save the dates and Timing:

5. Go to the Options tab and Launch your campaign. It will start sending on the selected date and time.

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