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Email Service Providers Matching
Email Service Providers Matching

Learn what this feature does and how it impacts deliverability.

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Email Service Providers Matching feature improves deliverability and helps people get better results.🤩

Email Service Provider Matching feature will try to match the users sending inboxes with their recipient’s inboxes. (your Google accounts send to Google leads, Outlook accounts send to Outlook leads, etc).

You can activate the Email Service Provider Matching feature by going to the campaign Options - Advanced options:


Q: What will happen if none of my mailboxes match my lead’s mailboxes?

A: If none of your mailboxes match your prospects' mailboxes, there is nothing to worry about, the campaign will go out as normal.

Q: What happens if only 1 inbox matches 80% of your leads’ inboxes (Google for example)

A: If only 1 inbox matches 80% of your leads’ inboxes (Google for example), the campaign will wait for that 1 Google account to be available for 80% of the leads.

For the remaining 20%, if there is no match, the campaign will work as usual.

Q: How can we make sure that the maximum number of new leads is still met, as we are not aware of the number of Google or Outlook boxes?

A: It might impact the sending limit if the campaign waits for an account from a matched provider to become available.

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