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In Instantly, there are two types of warmup settings:

  • Basic warmup settings

  • Advanced warmup settings (available on HyperGrowth and LightSpeed outreach plans)

Basic warmup settings

The basic warmup settings are already pre-filled with the recommended values. If you'd like to change them, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Email Accounts section and click on the email account you want to edit

  • Go to account settings

  • Scroll down to Warmup settings

    Warmup filter tag - it will be inserted into all your warmup emails. You can use that tag to filter out warmup emails from your inbox. Users can set custom warmup filter tags on a per-account basis.

    There's an in-built obscenity filter so the tag can't be set to anything offending. The "Generate random" button can be used to create a random tag, or you can type one out yourself. Changes take effect in the next sending cycle.

  • Increase per day - if you put 1 email, it means that each day you will have one sent warmup email more till you reach the daily warmup limit.

  • Daily warmup limit - the max number of warmup emails sent per day

  • Disable slow warmup - This option we only recommend for older email accounts that are already warmed up. Don’t use this for new accounts.

    Newer accounts should be warmed up slowly and gradually (something Instantly automatically takes care of for you when you enable Warmup).

Advanced warmup settings

  • Weekdays only mode - When you turn 'Weekdays only' mode on for warmup, your accounts will not send on weekends.

    However, they will continue to receive warmup emails during weekends - this is what the typical, real-world behavior is - even if you don't send emails out on weekends, you'd still receive some.

  • Read Emulation - Read Emulation is an advanced warmup feature that uses headless browsers to mimic reading warm-up emails like a real human.

    This option is disabled by default because SMTP providers have their own tracking and analytics - in that case, doing read emulation will trigger an open and that could mess up the SMTP analytics.

  • Warm custom tracking domain - You can automatically warm up the new custom tracking domains and accounts at the same time! Adding your custom tracking domain to your warmup emails would be a great step to take for optimal deliverability.

    While it isn't mandatory with warmup emails, if you're sending out cold outreach emails it's considered an important action to take.

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