Sending account errors
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Here are the most common sending errors for your accounts.

AUTH XOAUTH2 error code/"can't create a new access token for user"

It means that your email provider is not able to share the token with Instantly or revoke the access of the token.

This usually happens if you change the password for your sending account and do not update the account in Instantly.

You can reconnect the account to fix the error.

550 5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded

This appears in two instances:

  • When accounts hit their daily sending limit set by your email providers

  • If there's too much spammy content in your campaigns and leads have been marking your emails as spam.

You can check this article or follow the steps below:

  • Wait for 24 hours before sending any more emails. This will give your account time to reset its daily sending limit.​

  • Upgrade your email plan to increase your daily sending quota. You can contact your email provider to see if this is an option.​

  • Reduce the number of emails you are sending each day. You can try sending emails in batches or spacing them out over time to stay within the daily limit.​

  • Use an alternative email provider that offers a higher daily sending quota.

Google blocking app access

If you see "This app is blocked" error message, it usually indicates that oAuth has not been configured correctly for the workspace associated with that account.

You can follow the steps here or check this video to fix the error.

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