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Bulk import accounts into Instantly
Bulk import accounts into Instantly
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You can now bulk import sending accounts into Instantly from a CSV file.

This feature can be accessed by choosing the “Any Provider” method of connecting an account.

Outlook/Microsoft365 or Outlook accounts purchased via Godaddy, can't be connected via Bulk import, since it's only possible to connect them with the Microsoft connector, using oAuth.

Google accounts, on the other hand, can be connected via bulk import. Enable IMAP and create App Passwords for each email account, use the app password as IMAP and SMTP password in the CSV file. Find IMAP and SMTP hosts here.

Check the sample CSV file here 👇

How to use this feature:

  1. Create a copy of the file so you can edit it and fill out the account details

2. Fill out the columns (If you have just one password, or app password for your account, use it for both the 'IMAP Password' and 'SMTP Password' fields)

3. When using an app password (for Google, for example), simply use it instead of the regular password

4. Save it as CSV

5. Upload it to Instantly by going to Email Accounts - Add New - Any Provider -Bulk Import from CSV

6. Map the fields and click Upload All

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