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Ways to add a signature
Ways to add a signature

Ways to add a signature to your email copy

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Creating Signatures for every sending account

To learn how to create a signature for every sending account, read this article.

Using Variables

Variables to use:

{{sendingAccountName}}, {{sendingAccountFirstName}} and {{sendingAccountEmail}}

These are special variables that you will have to write down manually in the campaign editor.

It essentially takes the value from the sending account's name, whatever value is set in the account's settings section. As the sending email accounts are rotated, their specific settings values are used.

{{sendingAccountFirstName}} - Will take just the value of the First name

{{sendingAccountEmail}} - This will populate the current email account being used to send the campaign.


Check this article for a step-by-step guide: How to add images


To add HTML signatures, you will need to click on the code view and add the HTML code there. You can use some of the online signature generators to get the HTML code, and then paste it to the Sequence editor's "Code View".

Note: Enabling "Delivery Optimization" will affect the appearance of the HTML and Image option, as It strips all HTML formatting in the email copy with the aim of improving deliverability.

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