Adding variables to your signature

How to set up a signature for a campaign with different senders

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If you have multiple accounts with different names that you want to use for your campaign, you can create a signature that will import only the sender's name of the email account that sends the email in question.

For example, you have 3 different senders, and you need a signature to correspond to the sending account:

Manually adding the variable {{sendingAccountName}} to your email sequence (campaign editor, email body) will import the value from the sending account's name, whatever value is set in the account's settings section.

Insert the variable in the signature:

As the sending email accounts are rotated, their specific settings values are used.

You can preview the email and check if the variable is inserted properly by clicking the "Preview Email" button:

In addition to {{sendingAccountName}} variable, you can import only the first name of the sender by using {{sendingAccountFirstName}} variable in a campaign’s body.

Another variable that you can use is {{sendingAccountEmail}} that will import the email address of the sender.

From the preview:

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