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Custom lead labels
Custom lead labels

How to add custom labels/tags to leads

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In Unibox, it’s very simple to add custom labels to leads based on their responses, helping you categorize and prioritize the replies accordingly.

You can follow the steps below to create custom lead labels in Unibox:

  1. Open the lead's email in the Unibox.

  2. Click on the ‘Lead Status’ dropdown menu from the leads overview:

  3. Click on “Create Label” from the dropdown options.

  4. Enter the desired label name, e.g., "To Follow Up."

  5. Select the interest status associated with this label as either ‘Positive’, ‘Negative’, or ‘Neutral’ based on the lead's response or intent.

How to check your custom labels

After creating it, your custom label will be available in the ‘Lead Status’ dropdown, under "More", and you can categorize leads accordingly besides using the default statuses.

Note: all leads labeled with "positive custom labels" will be counted as opportunities.

Editing and Deleting Labels

You can follow the steps below to edit or delete custom lead labels:

  1. Click on “Lead Labels” tab to see a list of all created labels.

  2. If editing, click on the pencil, modify the name or/and interest status, and click on Update.

  3. If deleting, click on the bin, select the new label to reassign the leads under the current label, then click on "Delete Lead Label".

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