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How to verify emails on Instantly

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With quality and verified leads, you will reduce the bounce rate and protect the deliverability of your email account.

Instantly offers you an easy-to-use option for email verification. You can purchase one of the following verification options from your Billing section:

  1. Monthly subscription plan

  2. One time top-ups


  • You will need to have an active email outreach subscription before you purchase verification credits.

  • Your purchased credits for email verification never expire.

How to use Instantly to verify your leads

There are two ways you can verify leads. Leads should be added for verification BEFORE the campaign is launched:

  • Bulk verify πŸ‘‰ When uploading the CSV lead file, check "Verify leads" before clicking Upload all. The verification process will start soon after.

  • Individual verification πŸ‘‰ this method is used when you've already uploaded the leads. Select the leads that you want to verify from the leads tab, and click on the "Verify leads" button.

Leads Verification Status

Leads that are being verified will have the status "In verification queue" when you check your leads.

Invalid and Risky leads will not be contacted by default.

You can enable this feature by navigating to Campaign - Options to contact Risky emails.

When verification finishes for all leads, you can launch your campaign πŸš€

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