How to add List-Unsubscribe to email header

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List-Unsubscribe headers unsubscribe users directly by removing them from the mailing list.

To insert it into your email headers, follow the steps below:
Step 1 - Go to the Campaign Options tab, and click on Advanced options.

Step 2 - Check the box "Insert unsubscribe link header"

Step 3 - Save the changes.

How to test it's set up properly

Quick tip for users who are testing out the unsubscribe link by sending emails to their accounts: your email client or provider (like might not show the unsubscribe URL as expected. This often happens if the email is categorized as a regular conversation. Such categorization is typical if there's a history of emails exchanged between those accounts, or if the email service considers the other party to be an actual person.

To accurately test the List-unsubscribe feature, use the "Show original" option in your email client, when you receive the email. This allows you to view the full details of the email, including the technical headers. Check here for the "List-Unsubscribe" tag to ensure the feature is active and correctly implemented.

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