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Account 'Warm-Up' and how it works
How Warm-Up Works and Why it's Important 🤓
How Warm-Up Works and Why it's Important 🤓

Check this article to understand how you can use account warmup to increase deliverability chances and the reputation of your emails. 📈

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The warmup functionality mimics human conversations between email accounts.

Think of it as you emailing back and forth with your friends - on autopilot.

But in this case, your ‘friends’ are other users who have also enabled the warmup feature. You can be sure that all of them will open your email and a high percentage will write you back with a ‘thoughtful’ and positive sentiment.

The emails written by the Instantly AI algorithm signal to Google, Outlook, and other ESPs that your email account and sending domain are relevant and legitimate.

This increases the likelihood that the messages that are sent to the cold leads in your outreach campaigns will also actually land in their inbox and subsequently be opened and replied to.

The bottom line is that the warmup will improve the deliverability of your cold email accounts by mimicking human conversations in the user pool.

When you connect a sending account to Instantly, warming up the accounts also warms up your SMTP sending server and IMAP servers as well.

On top of the deliverability benefits, your outreach email accounts will also stay alive for longer and the likelihood of you ‘burning’ through an account is significantly lower.

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