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Why are my emails not sending? πŸ€”
Why are my emails not sending? πŸ€”

Check this article to understand potential reasons why your email campaign might not be sending anything out yet, and how to fix it.

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If your emails are not sent out make sure:
1. You've set the right schedule. If the schedule isn't added or it's too big of a window it might take a while for email to start sending.
2. Your campaign sending limit is set correctly under options.

3. You have added sending email accounts to campaign and the accounts have been connected correctly (There are no 'Fix account' errors).


In addition to this, in your Campaign's analytics tab, you are able to see why your campaign is not sending emails.

Next to the status of your campaign, there will be a notification explaining the reason why the emails are not being sent.

Please note that:

  • Campaign sending limits are reset at 12am of the timezone set for the campaign's schedule.

  • Account sending limits are reset at 12 am UTC.

If you need help troubleshooting these, please send your campaign URL and the message to our live chat and we'll take a look :)

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