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Warmup filters - Google and Microsoft🚦
Warmup filters - Google and Microsoft🚦

Check this article if you'd like to keep your main inbox clean and filter out your warmup emails to a separate warmup folder 🧹

Updated today

Once you enable the warmup for your accounts, warmup emails will start to land in your Inbox and you can recognize them with the warmup tag.

We only want to filter out emails that hit the inbox and NOT the spam inbox. Any email that hits the spam inbox, we automatically move back to the inbox.

If you'd like to keep your main inbox clean and filter out your warmup emails to a separate warmup folder, you can create warmup filters using the filter tag. 

How to create the warmup filter in Gmail account?

You can now create a warmup filter on your Gmail account. You can watch the full video here. You may create them by following these steps.

  1. Open the warmup settings for any of your accounts (the warmup tag is the same for all the accounts connected to a workspace). Copy the filter tag.

  2. Go into your email account and create a folder called "Warmup".

  3. In your email account, create a filter and in "Subject" and "Has the words" use your warmup tag. Click "Create filter" for the settings to open.

  4. Choose these rules:

    1. Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

    2. Mark as read

    3. Apply the label: Warmup

    4. Also apply filter to matching conversations.

  5. Once you're done, click Create Filter.

How to create warmup filter for Outlook?

If you use an Outlook account and you want to create the warmup filter, follow these steps.

  1. On your email, navigate to Rules.

  2. In the condition, select Rules or body includes.

  3. Enter the warmup tag.

  4. Add two actions

    1. Mark the email as read.

    2. Move to the Instantly Warmup folder. If this folder does not exist, create a new one.

  5. Click Save.

  6. To run this rule, click the triangle icon "Run this rule now" in the Rules section.

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