How to upload leads with Google Sheets
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To import a lead list via google sheet make the google sheet publicly accessible and then paste in the URL.

To avoid formatting issues:

  1. Select all your rows and columns with Ctrl/Cmd + A, and then

  2. Click Format β†’ Number β†’ Plain text

Finally, import your spreadsheet


  1. Make sure you have no more than 20 custom variables selected

  2. The email column must not be empty

  3. If there are some column names that are longer than 20 characters, try to shorten them. E.g. a column heading name is:- Instagram_Average_Comments which is 26 characters - You can change it to Instagram_Comments which is 18 characters etc.

  4. There must be no grouped rows as they can cause an issue (see below for better understanding):

    User-uploaded Image

    Instead split them:

    User-uploaded Image

  5. If one of the values is Boolean it throws an error since Google is returning it as boolean (true/false) instead of a text. For example:

    User-uploaded Image

    Please remove it and try to import again.


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