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Checklist for fixing undetected replies
Checklist for fixing undetected replies
Updated over a week ago

Our reply detection algorithm runs once every hour to stay compliant with the requirements of the different email providers. Therefore it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours for new replies to get detected and for the analytics data to get updated. Here are the things you can do to fix undetected replies.

  • Sent count analytics - updated instantly

  • Open track analytics - updated instantly

  • Bounce detection - few minutes to couple of hours

  • New replies - few minutes to couple of hours

Reply detection

For the reply detection to work effectively, these are some points that have to be ensured. You can use these 7 steps to confirm the following things.

  1. Lead's responses are still in your inbox and not deleted.

  2. You are not moving those responses to a different folder. Please do that after a few hours of the reply landing in your inbox, so that the reply checker has enough time to detect the replies.

  3. If you have email forwarding setup for your emails, make sure the original response is not moved or deleted, instead a copy of your email is forwarded to your forwarding setup.

  4. Your server is not deleting your responses after you forward them.

  5. Is this a problem with auto-replies or genuine lead replies? This issue can occur with auto-replies if there are certain issues with the email header.

  6. Applying any sort of Labels in Gmail before the algorithm has had a chance to detect the email will cause replies to not be detected.

  7. If you use CRM, please disable the archiving function as it archives emails before our algorithm detects them.

Note: If all of these are accurate and the replies are still not being detected, please gather the following information and send it to the support team for investigation.

  • Confirmation that all of the information listed here has been verified by you for your email accounts

  • The email address that sent the email (sender account)

  • Email address of the lead (receiver account)

  • What time that lead had replied

  • Campaign URL

Note: Here are the scenarios under which the emails will no longer exist.

  1. It is older than 90 days - (Check the analytics to see if you have recent replies)

  2. The email was directly deleted from Unibox.

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