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What is Delivery Optimization and why use it?

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Delivery Optimization feature strips all HTML formatting in your email copy and it improves deliverability because your cold emails will be sent as text only.

There are two important reasons why you might want to send your emails as text only using the delivery optimization feature:

  • Optimize Delivery - HTML emails are a red flag for spam filters. There is a higher chance of your HTML email being marked as spam than a plain text email.

  • Not all clients can read HTML - some browsers, and email clients or devices, are not able to open images and can't handle HTML. Since a variety of email clients have the option to only receive the text version of an email, a properly written and formatted text email will work much better than an HTML equivalent. Also, some people see HTML emails as a security and privacy risk and may choose not to load any images.

How to enable Delivery Optimization

If you want to enable the Delivery Optimization feature, please follow the steps below:

  • Go in Campaign - Options

  • Scroll down and you will find Delivery Optimization

  • Activate it by checking the box and hitting the Save button

Note: The Delivery Optimization feature not only removes the HTML styling but also disables open tracking.

Open tracking becomes disabled because it uses a tracking pixel for calculating email opens. A tracking pixel is essentially a 1x1 transparent image that's inserted into your email body (this is where your custom tracking domain gets used to insert the image as if it came from your website).

Therefore, it removes the image pixel from your emails in this feature, hence it stops the tracking.


Q: What will happen with my hyperlink when I use the Delivery Optimization feature?

A: When you enable the Delivery Optimization feature, any HTML links will be disabled, and the URL will show beside the text it is supposed to be linked to.

Hyperlinks will look like this:

Instead of this:

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