What is "read emulation" in Warmup
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Read Emulation is an advanced warmup feature that mimics reading warm-up emails like a real human. It sends signals to ESPs (the email provider) that your messages are relevant as they will be "read" by the email receiver which has a positive impact on the deliverability and reputation of your domains.

The Read Emulation feature is available on the HyperGrowth and LightSpeed plan and it can be found in the Warmup Advanced options.


Q: Do you recommend that I disable Read Emulation?

A: We suggest that you always enable the Read Emulation feature unless you have been instructed otherwise.

Also, the reason we gave an option to enable/disable this feature is because there are certain third-party SMTP providers who have their own tracking analytics system.

In order to keep track of it, these providers insert a tracking pixel. That tracking pixel gets triggered when the Read Emulation feature is enabled and treats the email as a real email.

So, for SMTP providers who don't want warmup emails to affect their tracking analytics, we gave them the option to disable the Read Emulation feature.

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