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Why am I getting 100% open rate?💯
Why am I getting 100% open rate?💯
Updated over a week ago

If you go to Analytics and see a 100% open rate, here are the possible reasons you may check it out.

  • If you have deleted leads from your campaign at any point, you could be seeing statistics for those deleted leads as well.

  • If you are viewing the analytics for only a specific date range (like a week), it reports the sent and opens within that specific time frame.

Example: If someone was sent an email before that week and opens the email in that selected time window, that's when the analytics event will be counted in. If older leads open their emails during this selected time window, they will also be counted in.

  • If you're viewing this on the Analytics Page (for all campaigns), instead of a single campaign.

If you hover on the 'i' information icon next to the open rate, it will show you the open rate by lead and by volume.

  • By lead means that X unique number of people opened the emails.

  • By volume means how many of the emails sent were opened.

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