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Link Click Tracking is a feature that helps in monitoring the number of leads that have clicked on a link within the campaign.

To start tracking the link clicks, you simply need to:

  1. Go to the campaign Options.

  2. Click on "Link tracking" checkbox.

By doing this, you will activate the tracking for your campaign.

Then, simply add the hyperlink or link to your email copy.

If you do not turn on text-only mode, we will use the original link (with it pointing to the tracking link).

Once a prospect clicks on that link, it will be tracked with your Custom Tracking Domain, or if you don't have one - with Default Tracking Domain.
This valuable information is available in the campaign analytics. However, it's important to note that this count includes the number of leads who clicked the link, not the frequency of their clicks.

To gain a more in-depth understanding, including identifying which leads clicked the link and how many times they did so, you have two options:

  1. Activity Tab: Navigate to the Activity tab. This section provides a comprehensive view of the leads' activities, including the frequency of their link clicks.

  2. Leads Section: Open the lead info view in the Leads section. Here, you can check individual lead activities, including link clicks.

Disabling tracking for specific links

There is no need to add the code "?clicktracking=off" to system-generated unsubscribe links because they are not being tracked for clicks.

If you have more than one link in your email body and you don't want to track them all, you can disable tracking for specific links by adding a piece of code in the code view.

the code to add is:


Place it at the end of your link, so in the code view it should look like this:


Don't forget to click on Save.

Compatibility with Delivery Optimization

The Link Clicks Tracking feature is fully compatible with Delivery Optimization. When you have Delivery Optimization ON, you can still track Link Clicks. Here's what happens:

  • If the links in the email body are hyperlinked, when sent, the URLs will be displayed without hyperlinks. Example:

    (in this example, the Webinar link is being tracked, while the Facebook link has the tracking turned off)

  • This way, the tracking remains transparent and consistent, regardless of your delivery optimization settings.

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