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Evergreen campaigns with Job Listing filter
Evergreen campaigns with Job Listing filter
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Job listings can provide information about a company's current needs and future goals. Job Post Data matters, it shows if a company is growing, and what the company needs right now.

When you use the Evergreen feature, job listing data can keep your campaigns updated with leads at all times.

Here are the steps on how to use job listing data with Evergreen campaigns:

1. Identify target companies

Look for businesses posting roles relevant to your offerings.

  • TikTok agency: companies searching for social media managers, digital content creators, or TikTok specialists may be in need of custom-tailored campaigns for TikTok.

  • Business consultancy: a company hiring business strategists or analysts may be in need of business strategy sessions.

  • Appointment setting agency: companies hiring for business development roles might be focused on growth.

2. Choose additional filters to narrow down your targeting

Reach out to prospects that are in relevant niches - apply industry, location, company size, and title filters.

3. Start your evergreen campaign

  • Select the leads you want to import into a campaign.

  • Enable the "Evergreen Campaigns" feature to have the campaign run continuously, pulling fresh leads that match the job data criteria.

  • Choose the frequency and the amount of leads you want to push to the campaign.

More examples:
โ€‹Content Marketing Agencies:

  • Target: Companies hiring for content strategists, bloggers, or SEO specialists.

  • Strategy: Position your agency as a cost-effective alternative, highlighting that you already have a team of writers and SEO experts. Offer to create a content calendar or a sample blog post to show them the immediate value you can provide.

Email Marketing Providers:

  • Target: Companies looking for email marketing managers or CRM specialists.

  • Strategy: Show how your platform or service can automate processes, provide superior analytics, or integrate better with their current systems than an in-house team might be able to offer.

SEO Agencies:

  • Target: Companies hiring for SEO analysts or link-building specialists.

  • Strategy: Offer a preliminary SEO audit of their website, and highlight the potential traffic and revenue they're missing out on.

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