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Check this article to understand the different options you'll find within your campaign, and how they work.

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Here are the settings you'll find within your campaign options -

Emails To Use - Just select all the accounts for this campaign you want to use. This is the real superpower of Instantly. It will start sending emails from all of these accounts automatically.

You can connect up to a total of 100 accounts, to ensure campaign performance. This is the limit we enforce for security and compliance reasons, and also to prevent spam.

If you want to connect more sending accounts, it is recommended to split the campaign in this case, if you want to maximize the number of daily sends while still maintaining good deliverability.

Stop sending emails on reply or auto-reply - Stops the sequence for the lead who has replied. This is recommended.

Enable open tracking - track how many times your emails have been opened and by whom

Link tracking - track how many times prospects clicked on the links from your email.

Delivery optimization feature not only removes the HTML styling, but also disables open tracking.

Open tracking uses a tracking pixel (1x1 pixel image embedded in the email copy) for calculating email opens. Since this feature removes the image pixel from your emails, it will not be possible to track email opens.

Daily Sending Limit - We recommend sending max 30-50 (including warmup) emails a day per email account for best results, so just multiply your added accounts in this campaign by 30 to set this number.

Advanced options:

Minimum time: minimum time gap between each email sent

Random additional time: adding a random number, lets say 3 minutes, will make sure that the system waits for at least 7 minutes (minimum time gap set by user), and then it will randomize the waiting period anywhere from 1-3 minutes additionally, to make it more humanly. It is up to you to decide how much Random additional time you want to set. You can also leave the default random time which is 0.

Max new leads: the number of leads you want the sequence to start for per day.
So let's say you had 1000 leads to start with - if you set "Max new leads" to 100, it will only start step 1 of the sequence for 100 leads per day. This setting is only a limit capacity, not a definite limit.

In order to stop reaching out to new leads you will have to type "-1" inside the "Max new leads" section.

Prioritize reaching out to new leads over scheduled follow-up: The campaign will first send Step 1 emails to available leads, instead of sending follow-ups (by default, the campaign will send follow-ups and then contact new leads, enabling this feature will override the default setting). So, even if you have set the Max new leads to X, the follow-ups will still be prioritized unless you check the "Prioritize reaching out to new leads over scheduled follow-ups" option.

Auto optimize A/Z testing: Our algorithm automatically analyses multiple variants of an email (A, B, C...Z) to determine which version performs the best based on defined winning metrics - reply rate, click rate, or open rate.

Provider matching: this feature will try to match your sending inboxes with your recipient’s inboxes. (your Google accounts to send to Google leads, Outlook accounts send to Outlook leads, etc).

Stop campaign for company on reply: enabling this feature will stop sending emails to leads with the same domain (from the same company) as the lead that just replied.

Auto-replies do not trigger a stopping campaign for a company, even if both Stop on Auto-reply and Stop campaign for company on reply are switched on.

Note: if you have 'Stop campaign for company on reply' enabled, and receive a reply from a lead, the other leads with that domain will be marked as Completed too.

BUT if the first lead replied before the other leads from that domain received their first email, that would mark them as Completed, but since no emails were sent to them, it would also show them under “Not Yet Contacted

Add CC and BCC: if you have this feature enabled, the copy of the campaign email will be sent to these addresses too.

That’s it. Now you can launch your campaign.

Congrats! Instantly will start sending out emails every day automatically from all your connected accounts and you just need to keep an eye on the campaigns.

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