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Check this article to create your own outreach campaigns ๐Ÿ†

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To create a campaign go to the left-hand side click on the arrow. Once in the campaign overview, youโ€™ll see the โ€˜+ ADD NEWโ€ button on the top right.

As a next step type in the name of your campaign. We suggest adding target audience parameters such as title, industry/niche, geo in the campaign name (e.g. Marketing Director_Advertising Agency_US) so you can more efficiently find and optimize your campaigns down the line.

Once youโ€™ve typed in your campaign name click the blue Continue button and it will bring you to the next step.

Now itโ€™s time to add leads.

You can edit the campaign after you launch it, upload new leads, change campaign options, etc.

You can add more steps too. When you add a new step to a live campaign:

  • It shows you a warning on the front-end

  • After you hit save, it will re-activate any leads that have not sent a reply

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