Creating A New Campaign

Check this article to create your own outreach campaigns πŸ†

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To create a campaign, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Campaign view, and click the β€˜+ Add New” button on the top right.

2. Type in the name of your campaign

3. Click on the blue CONTINUE button and it will bring you to the next step

We suggest adding target audience parameters such as title, industry/niche, geo in the campaign name (e.g. Marketing Director_Advertising Agency_US) so you can more efficiently find and optimize your campaigns down the line.

Now it’s time to add leads. Click on either one of the blue Import buttons to upload your leads, then choose the preferred method for uploading your leads.

6. Set up the campaign schedule

7. Set up the campaign sending rules and senders in the Options tab

8. Launch the campaign


Q: Can I edit my active campaign?

A: You can edit the campaign after you launch it, upload new leads, change campaign options, etc.

Q: Can I add new steps to my active campaign?

A: You can add new steps to your active campaign. When you add a new step:

  • It shows you a warning on the front end

  • After you hit save, it will re-activate any leads that have not sent a reply

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