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There are two types of limits you can set for sending out cold emails - Account limits and Campaign Limits

For example, if you wanted one of your campaigns to send out 500 emails per day, while at the same time you wanted each account to only send 50 of those, you can do so by setting a campaign limit of 500 and individually setting a limit of 50 to each of your accounts, assuming there are 10 of them.

Account limits override the campaign limits, so if you have the campaign limit set to 500 and the account limit set to 30, assuming you connected 10 of the accounts to this campaign, it will be possible to send only 300 campaign emails per day, due to the set account limit.

You can set your account limit by going into your campaign settings -

  1. Go to your campaign, then go to Options

  2. Scroll down to the very bottom to find the campaign limit.

  3. You can only reduce the gap between your emails to make sure the intended volume of your email goes out per day - OPTIONAL

You can set your account limit by going into your account settings

  1. Click on the settings icon

  2. Go to the Settings page and check "Daily Send limit"

Account limits override campaign limits.

The minimum wait time in the account settings allows you to set a time gap on each account level.

You can set a minimum time gap for each account and the account will not send an email from any of the campaigns they are associated with until the sending gap (account level) gets completed.

Why is my campaign not sending enough emails?

If your campaign is not sending enough emails, please make sure that:

  • You have enough email accounts connected to this campaign to support the volume

  • Your sending account email volume limit is not set to fewer emails hence overriding the campaign volume limit.

  • "Time gap between emails" allows you to send enough emails in the specified time frame

  • You have enough new leads added to the campaign

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