Is it possible to add an attachment to my email?

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Add attachments to email sequences

While you're unable to directly add attachments or PDFs to your email sequences, there are several ways you can share the attachments with your contacts:

  • Upload your files to a cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox, and then share the link within your email body.

  • You can also use other resources like loom, to embed videos within your email body.

Add attachment in the Unibox

To attach a file in the Unibox, please follow the steps below:

​Step 1: Click the "Attach Files" button, which is located next to the "Send" button.

Step 2: Upload the file from your computer.

Step 3: Once you've attached your file(s) and composed your email, click the "Send" button to deliver your message along with the attached file(s). The email will be sent once the files get uploaded to the Unibox.
If you go back to open the sent message in the Unibox thread, you will see the attached files at the bottom of the sent email:

Note: The name of the file you've attached will appear in your email so you can confirm that the correct file has been attached. However, Instantly does not store any files on its servers. We simply facilitate the sending of attachments via email.

If you need to re-download the file(s) after they're sent, you will need to log into your original email account.

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