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How to use Lead Management feature

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Lead Management feature is designed to give you a consolidated view of all your campaign leads and the flexibility to move them between lists and campaigns seamlessly.

It consists of two sections: Lists and All Campaigns

1. Lists is a HyperGrowth-only feature

Usage limits: Leads that are in lists do not count towards the Uploaded leads limit for the HyperGrowth plan.

  • Lists contain leads that are not currently part of any campaigns.

  • You have the freedom to create as many lists as you want. There's no cap on the number of leads you can import into these lists, but the file size limit that you can upload in one go is 20MB.

  • Leads can be uploaded to lists from Lead Finder, CSV, Manually, or via Google Sheets.

    Uploading leads to a list

    • Create a new list

    • Choose how you want to import the leads

    • Map the variables and upload them the same way as you would upload leads to a campaign.

  • Once uploaded you can Move leads to a campaign, rename the list, download or delete the list.

  • You can edit variables for leads in lists just like in campaigns.

    ​2. All Campaigns

  • When you access the campaigns section, you'll see the leads and stats for all your campaigns in a consolidated view. This includes total leads, contacted leads, unsubscribed, bounced leads, and completed leads.

  • You can filter the leads based on their status:

  • Search for leads by email address across all campaigns:


  • If you want to view stats for a specific campaign, simply select it from the dropdown.

  • You can swiftly move leads from one campaign to another, to subsequence, or to lists. For instance, if you are on a Hyper Growth plan, and want to make space in Campaign A, you can move 'completed leads' to List A.

    Important: Moving leads from a campaign to a list, immediately deletes them from the campaign.

  • Just like in the lists section, you can edit all the variables for leads in campaigns.

Send One-off emails to your leads

Another feature of the Lead Management tool is sending one-off emails to a lead or a selection of leads from Campaigns.
Select the leads that you want to send an email to and click on the Send Email button.

Select the sending account and craft the email copy. Once ready, click on "Send".

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